The perfect gift for any man with a beard!  Our Beard Grooming Kit comes with a 1 oz bottles of our Beard Oil and 1 Men's Shampoo & Body Bar.  Our beard grooming products come packed in a handy traveling net bag.


Beard Oil - Keep your beard healthy, groomed, and tamed naturally.  Our all natural beard oils not only moisturize your beard, but also helps to keep the sensitive facial skin beneath your beard conditioned and less irritated; comes in a 1 oz glass dropper bottle.


Beard Oil Scents:
Pirate Lime - a refreshing blend of citrus lime.
Driftwood - a soft, woodsy cedarwood scent with notes of soothing lavender.

Beach Bum - an earthy blend of cirtus and patchouli. 

Nude - unscented


Our all natural Mens Shampoo & Beard Bar is scented with cedarwood and grapefruit essential oils; 4 oz bar


Our ingredients and their benefits:

Grapeseed oil - contains antioxidants & vitamin E, works as an astringent (tightens skin), moisturizes, fights ageing, prevents acne, combats dandruff

Caster oil - contains vitamin E & omega 6, stimulates hair growth, treats hair loss & split ends, nourishes and detoxifies 

Tea Tree Oil - fight acne, dandruff, and relieves itchiness 

Cedarwood - is calming and soothing

Eucalyptus - is an astringent, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory

Men's Beard Grooming Gift Set